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Why we are more successful

Developing anything from the scratch can be common but only few can transcend it into a success story. People say we have the midas touch for digital success but we attribute it to our focus on detailing, our focus on purposeful development.

iOS Apps

iPhone apps are technically sophisticated, exceptionally versatile and strong to enable current development companies for best ideal profitability. Our iPhone app developer teams spend hundreds of hours learning how to better develop for an ios platform. We have an unmatched talent of the iPhone advancement forms, empowers us to convey far reaching scope of iPhone/iPad based app crosswise over assorted business verticals.

There are several of anecdotes of how Appirox’s app developers communicate and work together with clients to make the best iPhone apps. Appirox is generally recognized for its creative and a mind blowing iPhone development benefit that has changed the business scenes as companies around the globe have picked iPhone apps as a main business standard gadget. Creating highly polished, elegant-looking ios applications is committed by the developer which makes our customers enjoy demanding augmented-reality apps, a smoother experience. Despite all the ios application development hurdles, our company seems to be turning the tide with time.

Android Apps

From past decades it has been a good time for Android, considering the latest reports it has a great proportion of market share, but with a handful of competitors waiting in the wings there’s no time to sit back. Android applications advancement has turned into something imperative for companies today since android devices have spread all around the globe in the blink of an eye. The enormous utilization of android apps by clients makes it fundamental for companies like us to become makers of resourceful android apps. Not just for client, but rather for businesses showcasing also. One of the strong points of our highly motivated and enthusiastic company has always been the level of customization it allows. At our company, we have a group of in-house professional developers for versatile android app development at every real stage. You can cater all your technological requirements straightforwardly. Additionally our developers even provide exclusive solutions for our customers, thus forming a friendly yet professional bonding.

Cross Platform Apps

The world has gone mobile. It has become a “must have” element for any company, regardless of its size. Undoubtedly, some app development companies can concentrate on only one mobile OS and avoid all the other ones, yet it is important for many businesses to focus on a myriad of mobile devices with various operating systems. Gone are those days when you were satisfied with only having a mobile app. Today, it is important that the app must support Android gadgets, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle, Tabs, BlackBerry, etc. Cross-platform mobile development is the creation of apps that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems.

Coding for iOS, developers deal with a very limited number of screen resolutions and hardware profiles but when coding for Android, developers have to resolve a virtually limitless set of device parameters.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is changing the state of trade and business for mobile applications development companies. The principle advantage for business in enlarged reality advancement for tablets and cell phones is that with the accessibility of equipment the utilization is natural. Such days aren’t far when you will have the capacity to attempt garments without really wearing them.

This opens such a large number of differed roads for Android and iPhone enlarged reality application improvement. Adding to this, there will be future innovative applications development where human sensors could touch, feel and smell.

Native Apps

The world is progressively turning into a Smart phone driven society, on account of the hosts of exercises and plenty of portable applications that makes everyday life simpler when utilizing a Smart phone! For Native app development companies, Appirox is the one stop solution across every realm of application development such as concept, design, development, testing & launching.

Appirox consistently focuses on delivering good quality, value-added, cost-effective services to meet a wide range of requirements in order to help clients gain a greater return on investment for their mobile technology initiative and mobile marketing strategies. Whether it be iPhone or Android mobile applications, these are ever evolving rapidly, and we strive to evolve collectively to meet and face these ever-growing challenges in the world of mobile applications.

Better Quality

The process our company follows and relies on, is continuous testing procedures, which means software bugs are discovered and fixed early on. To maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project lifecycle, each release is thoroughly tested, and customer feedback is carefully collected to enhance the next version.

100% Transparency The ideology of our company is to provide customers with complete transparency, keeping them in the loop throughout the entire process of the project. You are in complete control and we are meager caterers to your needs, requirements and alterations for the app . We use tools like JIRA, Teamwork and WhatsApp to enhance communication with our developers and clients to keep them updated with the progress and development of their projects. Rapid Results Today’s world is an extremely fast paced one. With the rise in competition among software development companies and new business ideas, everyone is dancing to the tick of the clock. Our company’s domain believes in rapid prototyping and emphasizes on an incremental software development process. The faster you plan, the faster we will transform your ideas into reality.
Business Value

Our team of developers follow a clear-cut feature centric methodology. We focus on the business-centric features which are critical for our clients and make sure their development happens first. Any sort of change request is handled effectively and immediately to provide the customers with expectations they hold and deserve.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Every project comes with an added risk factor, whether it be iOS or Android or a website based. We believe in complete satisfaction and to make our customers happy. Our company offers a year’s worth warranty on every contract we sign. This ensures the delivery deadlines, budget constraints and any defects will be dealt with and handled to our customer’s satisfaction.







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